We make decisions based on emotion, and communicate through story.

With 20 years of working in the animal industries and research, 11 years as a veterinarian, and 6 years in the film making industry, Kristopher Chandroo brings with him not only enormous experience but an ability to convey concepts and ideas through effective film making, photography and storytelling.

As the founder of iwillhelpyourcatcourses.com, Kristopher has a proven track record of creating animal health videos that can cut through mass messaging in a way that will be remembered, shared, and create real connections with pet owners. He can take facts, figures and examples that support a single purpose, and create effective videos that empower people to make decisions towards that purpose. One of his best talents is the ability to mix with people from all walks of life and to get nervous subjects to relax in front of his camera.

Kristopher is available for concept creation and consultation, and can make a whole project for you from start to finish. He still shoots headshots for local CEOs, artists and professionals. Simply get in touch to discuss your project.

Some of his work has been featured in: