Goals Identified: Edgy and different from a typical food company. Multiple videos, focuses on wet, dry, dog, cat. We discussed a comedic edge to the content, stuff we are trying to eliminate (sources / transparency).



CONCEPT: Imagine if we take the top distinctive whole food ingredients rayne has, and each one gets an outrageous, keith apicary / napoleon dynamite - like interpretive dance. Because our ingredients are so good, they move you. For example, the alligator dance is 80's locking and popping. The kangaroo is b-bop style. Sweet potato is a new take on the hand-jive. Turkeys are 90's shoegazing. Interpretive Ingredient Dance Moves (IIDM)! Whenever an industrial ingredient is shown...the dance sucks or the bowl of corn kernals tips over and trips the dancer, or she's having a smoke break or we show real alternative, comedic uses of those ingredients. 


This can be an outrageously entertaining series, some for wet, some for dry, canine and feline, that with a nod and a wink says what ingredients we believe in, and which ones we don't. It can be highly shareable - RVTs and clients should LOVE this.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 2.33.14 PM.png

t-shirts could be large images of the each ingredient, or it's split screen and implied in the way it's edited.

Every technical decision moving forward, from shoot location, lens choice, lighting, music selection and editing is based on relevance to what I determine in the pre-production. I make choices based on how you want your audience to feel, and what you want them to do after watching the videos.

There are 3 steps to create your videos:

1. Pre-Production (35%)

Concept, design, arrangements for talent and shoot.

2. Production (35%)

Kristopher C - Creative Director/Producer/Cinematographer. I provide, deliver and operate all the equipment for audio and video production.

3. Post-Production (30%).

  • Final Film Deliverables: Up to 5 interpretative ingredient dance videos comically showing the difference between whole and industrial ingredients.

• Digital delivery of 1920x1080 optimized web versions • One round of revision included. • Colour graded & sound mixed for final version • Basic graphics (lower thirds, credits, on-screen titles)


Combined creative / Licensing fee: 8750


Studio Space / Dance Studio Rental (rehearsal + shoot): 1500
Make up: 120
Professional Dancer Artist (rehearsal + shoot): 1380
Craft Services: 75
Wardrobe (printed with ingredient design): 350
Food props: provided by Rayne
Music licensing for commercial use: 550

Total: 12,725 +hst