We make decisions based on emotion, and communicate through story.

The video should transform the education about whole food vs industrial ingredient into an active skill they can use every day.

So, we give them the information about industrial vs whole food wrapped up in a “burning pain”:

“The ingredient effect. The 3 triggers clients need to understand food, and how this can help them accept your food recommendations”.

This way, whole ingredient vs industrial will take on a daily meaning in the form of a skill the viewer gets to use every day.

Kristopher Chandroo will create a videos, approx 3 minutes in run time or less, and convey the licensing to Rayne, for unlimited advertising use, in all media, of all images, within Canada, for two years from date of first use (with renewal options).

Every technical decision moving forward, from shoot location, lens choice, lighting, music selection and editing is based on relevance to what I determine in the pre-production. I make choices based on how you want your audience to feel, and what you want them to do after watching the videos.

There are 3 steps to create your videos:

1. Pre-Production (40%)

My approach is to learn, explore and dig deep into the purpose for your videos.

1. Script out "The ingredient effect. The 3 triggers clients need understand food, and how this can help them accept your food recommendations”.

2. Developing a shot list, so you can maximize the quality and of what is filmed, as well as locations / resources needed.

2. Production (30%)

Kristopher C - Creative Director/Producer/Cinematographer. I provide, deliver and operate all the equipment for audio and video production. 1 day shoot for voice and Broll.

3. Post-Production (30%).

Final Film Deliverables:
• Delivered in 1920x1080 as a pro-res master & optimized web versions • One round of revision included. • Colour graded & sound mixed for final version • Basic graphics (lower thirds, credits, on-screen titles)


Combined creative / Licensing fee: 2,500

Music licensing for commercial use: 300
Any location shooting / props for shots needed to illustrate whole vs industrial. There is no charge for this necessarily if we are creative with where and what we shoot with.

Total: 2800 (+hst)