We make decisions based on emotion, and communicate through story.

With 20 years of working in the animal industries and research, 11 years as a veterinarian, and 6 years in the film making industry, I bring not only enormous experience but an ability to convey concepts and ideas through effective film making, photography and storytelling.

I can take facts, figures and examples that support a single purpose, and create effective videos that empower people to make decisions towards that purpose.

Watch this to see what I would do for Rayne:

So, now that I've introduced myself, here is a creative brief and estimate for the project.


Kristopher Chandroo will create 4 videos that enrich people’s lives by solving their problems, and create a positive association with the Rayne brand. When our target audience watches these videos, they will have learned a new skill. A “superpower”. Something that makes them look good when they do it. And therefore, they will love to share it, as it will further make them feel and look good by doing so.   

Target Audience and Positioning: Clinic staff and vets (likely female, age 25 to 40), who may have nutrition fatigue, are tired of arguing with clients, or feel awkward or overwhelmed when discussing food and nutrition.

What you get and how it will feel: A series of 3 to 5 videos, that can be drip fed over weeks as stand alone content to our target audience online. Then, this content can also be combined together to create the “Rayne Ultimate Guide to X (TBD)” Course that can be offered to clinics. Finally, these videos can also be used for “lunch n learns”.  

Licensing is conveyed to Rayne, for unlimited advertising use, in all media, of all images, within Canada, for two years from date of first use (with renewal options).


Every technical decision moving forward, from shoot location, lens choice, lighting, music selection and editing is based on relevance to what I determine in the pre-production. I make choices based on how you want your audience to feel, and what you want them to do after watching the videos.

There are 3 steps to create your videos:

1. Pre-Production (60%)

My approach is to learn, explore and dig deep into the purpose for your videos. I will find the key connections that your audience will need to see and hear in order to feel and respond in the way that you intend. Through phone and email discussions with your team, I'll ask all the right questions to get a better understanding of the purpose, to determine which stories or Q&A questions can be focal points for reoccurring themes (e.g. we are whole food experts, but we are pet owners too), and to provide solutions for any issues at hand. I can also provide input via market research that I have completed in the veterinary sector. Additionally, I will scout the location before the shoot (via images and pre-shoot set up, usually the day before the shoot). Together, we will reach two major milestones:

1. Identifying your key themes to be explored in the videos.

2. Developing a shot list/script, so you can maximize the quality and of what is filmed, as well as quantity for a media campaign.

2. Production (20%)

Kristopher C - Creative Director/Producer/Cinematographer. I provide, deliver and operate all the equipment for audio and video production.

3. Post-Production (20%).

Final Film Deliverables:
• Delivered in 1920x1080 as optimized web versions • One round of revision included. • Colour graded & sound mixed for final version • Basic graphics (lower thirds, credits, on-screen titles)


Combined creative / Licensing fee: 5,000


Total: 5,000 + HST