“We Believe in Humane Processing”.png


1) “We Believe in Humane Processing”

2) “CFC does Catching right.”  

The processing and catching videos should tell the right story, the real story and show purposeful visuals to allow consumers to know that chicken farmers do things right, and our values are consistent with  those of Canadians.  

The key to positively connecting the topic of processing or catching to their values is connecting what is shown to the benefits to society and their family.

For example, as the viewer watches the factual videos, there should be dialog and images within the video should let them connect what they are seeing to these ideas:

  • Humane animal farming is better for everyone, CFC has an animal care program.
  • Raising animals humanely can use less feed, fuel and water, reducing costs and pollution.
  • Our activities in chicken farming bring major benefits for businesses, farmers, local economies.
  • Well-designed processing facilities contribute to the prosperity of the producers and allow for continuous improvements in productivity and animal welfare.

This will give our audience context in which to understand what they are seeing in the video, and will also give context when they are exposed to outlier sensational news stories.

By showing the right amount of time in the right places, and knowing when, and when not to place our cuts in the edit, we can craft a video that removes objections that a consumer may have. For example, the some of our scenes should “walk the line” - so there are no objections that something is “covered up”.

Project estimate to follow.