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Kristopher Chandroo will create 5 short (2 min), branded videos debunking various myths about chicken and chicken farmers, for online and internal use, as well as unbranded versions available to various partners, and some could be at the retail level  – beyond web and social, possibly looping on an in-store TV.

Kristopher Chandroo will convey the licensing to CFC,  for unlimited advertising use, in all media, of all images, within Canada, in perpetuity. In addition, all raw footage will be available to CFC for future use at normal editing rates.

*Client Provisions* - Client to provide selected farmers, location, access, grooming and craft services.

The audience for these videos are consumers, and the aim is for the viewer to feel like they trust and relate to the farmer.

Technical elements will be in a similar format for the 2017/ 2018 CFC 'A day in the life' videos.

Locations: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

1. Pre-Production (20%)

CFC/Smithcom will provide scripts.

2. Production (40%)

Kristopher C - Creative Director/Producer/Cinematographer. I provide, deliver and operate all the equipment for audio and video production on site. I direct the shoot, and obtain all coverage required for a compelling edit.

3. Post-Production (40%).

Final Film Deliverables:
• Delivered in 1920x1080 HD• Three rounds of revisions included, additional editing at standard rates. • Colour graded & sound mixed for final version • Basic graphics (lower thirds, credits, on-screen titles)


Combined creative fee / Including Licensing & equipment rental: 24,000 (+HST)

Music licensing for commercial use: 850

Travel, accommodation, meals, production assistant: 4500

File transfer (digital online transfer)

Total: 29,350