We make decisions based on emotion, and communicate through story.

With 20 years of working in the animal industries and research, 11 years as a veterinarian, and 6 years in the film making industry, I bring not only enormous experience but an ability to convey concepts and ideas through effective film making, photography and storytelling.

I can take facts, figures and examples that support a single purpose, and create effective videos that empower people to make decisions towards that purpose.

So, now that I've introduced myself, here is a creative brief and estimate for for Carling Animal Hospital:

Every single photo to contain a staff member, a pet (or two) and a “client”;

Candid Style (coaching for framing and body language, but no “grip and grin” traditional).

  • Individual photos of the doctors and / or staff with pets.
  • Exterior image of the building
  • Photo Series 1:  "mock appointments" following one "client" through a visit at the hospital: Walking in, reception, exam room, treatment area, surgery, boarding, boutique/retail area.

I would suggest that these would also be ideal for the pictorial tour as you have a person and pet in each physical area of the clinic. However I think there is a better solution that I have outlined further below!

  • House call service: Two options here - either shoot a pet being examined in the comfort of their own home, or the van in front of a suburban home. Alternative is shoot the van at the clinic being made ready for the housecall. Winter/early spring can make these shots look messy so we need to choose just the right location.

I do not want your pictorial tour slide show to weigh down your website or create a sterile/impersonal image. Often these pictures have no focal point so the eye wanders to everywhere you don’t want. Especially for boarding - we don’t want a row of cages to be the focal point, even with pets in them. It never feels right to the client.

Instead we want an ambassador for each room.

Focal point is on the person, and the image reads “I'm the person in charge of here and I will take care of you and your pet, because I understand the relationship you have with them”.

So your alternative, instead of doing a pictorial tour, is to let me generate an "I'll take care of you" video image set on the same day. So, there is a person, holding a pet, in front of each room or location. 3 - 4 second video clip at each location. When combined together, you have a short, 60 second video that is your tour, but also it becomes your marketing that can be shared online, used in other locations on the website, or even played on monitors in the clinic. It will uplift and support your new design while you complete your tour video. Or it will just replace your tour video all together,  if you like this concept. 

I suggest no winter clothing or sweaters - the photos should be season-less for maximal use.

“Client” and pet choice will be super important, and can make or break the success of the images.  We want a non-anxious pet, kept hungry in the AM to keep treat motivated, and ideally with Zylkene given prior and morning of shoot.

Combined creative / Licensing fee for all images AND "I'll take care of you" video tour: 2450 + HST

With Gratitude,

Kristopher C