Chris Hadfield & Tom Marshburn: Good with spaceships & babies

I got to meet astronauts Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn at a Canada Day dinner function. My main squeeze works for CFC, which in part sponsored the dinner. Little Maddie took a liking to the astronauts, and we observed that Marshburn & Hadfield are as good with managing this little toddler as they are space ships.

Astronaut Tom Marshburn with Maddie.

Astronaut Tom Marshburn with Maddie.

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

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Later in the evening I had a fun conversation with Tom Marshburn. Tom is very friendly and candid, and has that amazing perspective of an explorer.

What did I learn in our conversation?

1. You know you are back on earth when you are taking out the trash again. In space one day, taking out the trash the other.

2. Deep sea shares many similarities with deep space (he’s met James Cameron, another deep sea alumni).  

3. I asked him, once you’ve been in space, and the bottom of the ocean, where do you go from there in your life? When life has been so extraordinary? He said that’s when you’ve got to turn around and give back.

4. When talking about other people who have had extraordinary situations, we somehow got talking about Anthony Kiedis and LA bands from the 80‘s.  He liked Anthony Kiedis book “scar tissue”. What was it about the culture in LA in the 80’s that produced that level of music I wondered? I recommended Duff Mackagan “its so easy and other lies”. Great biography of another individual who has been to a bottom of an ocean and past the stratosphere.

5. I asked him how he really felt when he watched Hollywood movies about space travel. He says he completely appreciates it when they get it right, but can still appreciate a good story if they get the details wrong. Awesome!

6. We compared acceptance into vet school to getting that call when you get accepted to be an astronaut (I comparison really but...). He says that no matter what he did (engineering, medical school), a major factor of who made it forward was often how well you could get along. The personalities involved. People want to work with good people, above all else, no matter what your trade is.

7. Your family finds their own way when you are thousands of miles away.

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(Photo info - hard, straight flash (yongnuo 460II) handheld off camera at arms length, all manual. I got a glimpse of the official photographer. On-camera flash with bounce card. Just taking that flash off a little bit to control it still makes a difference in popping your subject off the background, even if you only want to take a few seconds to make a shot).

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