Headshots on the fly at the Hansma 60th Anniversary.

It’s not very often you have three generations gathered from all over the country all in one place. The Hansma 60th anniversary was one of those events. I knew from the outset that I wanted to create something special (i.e. more than candids) for this event. Something that I would want for my own family. So I set up an outdoor headshot booth.

Headshots at a family event? People generally have mixed feelings on being that close to a camera. People generally have mixed feelings on photo booths. And it all sounds more complicated (and more money) right? The second I showed Emily, who was organizing the event, of what a photo would look like coming out of such an arrangement, she said go for it.

The idea was to get classic portraits on the fly, without having it feel intrusive. If anything, I wanted the booth to add some additional entertainment to the day. I felt this would be something that would commemorate the event and glue the whole thing together photographically speaking.


And it worked. People had fun with it. We set it up on a deck that was out of the way of the main traffic flow, but close enough that people could see we were doing something up there.  


So in addition to delivering the digital images, I put together a blurb book - something the whole family could see and order online if they wished.

A good time had by all...