Need someone who cares about you and your pet?

Cannot afford the vet bills?

Read to see if you qualify for no-cost help:


Chandroo Veterinary House Call Service is a new, full service Canadian veterinary mobile, serving Ottawa and surrounding area.

You can see us at: and


We are compassionate people who care about you and your pet.

Dr. Kristopher Chandroo (DVM, MSc, HBSc) has helped thousands of people over the years who are joined at the hip with their pets! He’s saved lives, and has been side by side with people at the end of their pet's life. Tarra the RVT (registered veterinary technician) has dedicated her career to help reactive, scared pets feel more happy and calm during vet visits.


Dr. Kris and Tarra will offer you and your pet our full service, at reduced or no-cost.

We listen to your concerns, help you through them, and offer care and treatment for your pet.

This includes diagnosing your pet for uncomfortable skin or ear issues, vomiting, diarrhea, nails or pad problems, limping or joint issues, litter box issues, lumps, growths, bite wounds, abscesses, kidney, bladder or infectious problems, minor surgery, lethargy or end of life care (euthanasia). Any problem you would got to a regular vet for. We do not do routine surgery (spay and neuter) or routine health check visits for this program (vaccination).


You qualify for our reduced or no-cost service if:

  1. Your pet is sick or has a medical condition that requires veterinary attention.  
  2. You agree to have Dr. Kris and Tarra video their compassionate interactions with you and your pet for their video series:

Our compassionate, educational videos are designed to help people with their pets. We want people to know that they are not alone with their pet's problems, and we want students and animal lovers to learn and see how we treat medical problems. We discreetly film our interactions with you and your pet using small, dslr cameras. We focus our attention on your pet.

3. Simply email us at, or text  613 413 7387.

Tell us what your pet's problem is, and if you want our help.

This service is NOT for you if:

  1. You do not wish either yourself or your pet to be filmed during their care.  You do not want our video published on our YouTube, social media accounts or any other types of distribution. You do not want to sign our waiver that allows us to film our interactions with you and your pet.
  2. You have an emergency. Please contact your veterinarian or emergency vet immediately.
  3. This program is for sick pets who need help. We don't do routine health exams or vaccinations.


If you have an established relationship with your regular veterinarian, please feel free to seek their advice and care. You are in no way obligated to use Chandroo House Call Veterinary services for your pet's health care. We give you our best advice and treatment, and will let you know if your pet has a medical condition that requires a vet hospital, emergency, specialty services or follow up with your regular vet. We will give you a copy of the medical records we create for your pet after providing treatment, and we can also send them to your regular veterinarian at your request.