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In each video we attempt to film (does not have to be in this order):

  • The hook

  • the animal cam

  • the 9 Q's

  • 0-60 CSI Mgyver lab

  • the Drug historian

  • how it got this way

  • why we feel this way

  • Treatment and Resolution

  1. THE HOOK: We get right into the action, and state what we see, what the problems are, and what we are trying to achieve (this happens in editing, regardless of when filmed). What ever we say we show.
  2. THE ANIMAL CAM: The animal is in an aroused state - we show this from the animals point of view with the animal cam. We reduce FAS with the magician effect.
  3. NINE QUESTIONS PER PERSON: Person it aroused state. We use the MUSE process to quickly allow the audience to relate and root for them (we ask questions only designed to share their uniqueness, desire, and complexity).


  • What do you want?
  • What is your big dream or if your pet could have the biggest dream, what would it be?
  • What is something you want to do with your cat/dog/animal, but haven't done yet?
  • How do you feel you are different from other people?
  • How is your pet different from other pets?
  • Were there any major setbacks or hurdles your pet has helped you with?
  • Why is what the vet team is doing needed?
  • Why does treating (pet name) matter to you personally?
  • Why are you so passionate about this pet in particular?


4. 0-60 CSI MAGYVER LAB.  With vet stuff, the audience doesn't know the details. TELL THEM with infotainment. Tape n scrape? They don’t know a piece of tape can give an answer. They dont know a plastic biopsy punch can work. They don’t know an ordinary vaccine needle and a microscope can tell you whats in a lump. Use "snap magic editing" to bring these elements in. The comedy is here, even in tense situations, because we want them to laugh and cry. Some of this is on location, some of this is filmed on our set. MAGYVER THE DIAGNOSTICS! How this piece of tape can diagnose this pig. How a q-tip tells you x/y/z. THE DRUG HISTORIAN - e.g. - did you know lidocaine was derived from cocaine?

5. HOW IT GOT THIS WAY segment. Might be filmed on location or set.

6. WHY WE FEEL THIS WAY segment. Might be filmed on set (we bring in psychology) .

7. TREATMENT AND RESOLUTION - (tension held if it will work till here) what would you do if this was your pet.


Mood board and STYLE: Fluid, Camera in motion, Mundane is made magical, planned transitions. Lots of B-roll.

examples of shots used to compress time - "snappy magical editing"

Anything done by peter mckinnon eg - BRoll etc.

example of always show what is said